Our E-Liquids

Welcome to Vaping Direct and our bespoke range of E-liquids, all manufactured here in the U.K.

Using our years of experience in the E-Liquid market and by working with seasoned vapers and industry experts to blend and test our flavours we are able to create E-Liquid products we know you will love. We carefully blend VG and PG to develop the perfect mix allowing you to create huge vapour clouds whilst enjoying our bespoke flavours.

When shopping with Vaping Direct you can choose from a variety of ranges including; Super Sloosh, Vape Juice, Enchanted Emporium, Double D’s and eCig products. Enjoy customising your nicotine strength and flavour by selecting Nic-Shot ready products, our E-Liquids contain a range of nicotine strengths, options available range from zero (0%) to very high (1.8%).

Once you’ve decided on your nicotine strength you have the fun task of selecting your favourite flavour combination. Our large range of flavour blends include Menthol, Blueberry Lemonade, Watermelon Lychee, Black Jack and of course Tobacco, just to name a few. Try a few and even mix your own unique flavour taste, all our E-Liquids are available to buy in single packs or in larger cases, giving you the flexibility to save and buy in bulk.  Our award winning Electronic Cigarette is also available to get you started on your vaping journey, the new and cheaper way to smoke.

We are here to offer help and advice whilst shopping, so get in touch. We are available Monday to Friday 08:30 - 16:30. Email support@customercareteam.co.uk